Crowd Management


Crowd Management

Crowd management system help and enable state governments / local agencies and the administrators / organizers of events and venues of mass gathering for effective and efficient crowd management.

Reasons for crowd management are as follows

  • Underestimation of audience, staffing, services

  • People allowed in excess of holding capacity due to overselling of tickets for an event

  • Limited holding area before the entrance

  • Lack of access control

  • Closed/locked exit

  • Sudden opening of entry door

  • Reliance on one major exit route

  • Uncontrolled parking and movement of vehicles

  • Callous indifference in regulating traffic

  • Lack of sectoral partitions to segregate assembled crowd

  • Lack of proper public address system to control crowd

  • More than anticipated crowd at store/mall/political rallies/ examinations/ religious gatherings/ public celebrations

Benefit of Crowd management system

  • Carry out crowd congestion analysis

  • Quick exits with proper and well-lit signage

  • Public announcement system

  • Limit crowd density and crowd size in any room or passage or stand

  • Anticipate disasters in premises:

  • Stampede and crush

  • Fire and safety

  • Power/ventilation system failure, etc.

  • Terrorist or roguish person identification