Employee Speaks

It is our endeavor to provide an environment that supports and recognizes our people’s achievements and competences and offers each employee, opportunities to develop and grow.

  • Pramod Tripathi

    I joined Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services Ltd. as Project Manager on 6th Oct, 2009.At that time we have 50 circuits & only 3 customers in North 2. As time passed by with more efforts and hard work by our team, soon we increased our customers and brand image vastly. Till date we have approx 9500 links and 63 customers in North 2.

    In the course of 7 years as project manager I learned many new things about how to maintain healthy relationship with clients, how to maintain service assurance and service delivery, how to generate new leads for business, how to work as team and how to manage a team?

    With huge success come great responsibilities such as to continue and maintain the growth. After 7 years I was given more responsibilities and promoted to Regional Business Head of North 2 which was covering 5 states namely Uttar Pradesh (East and West), Rajasthan, Bihar and Jharkhand, managing around 150 employees’ with the aim to generate more business, maintaining service delivery and service assurance and finally I was also given an immense task of providing quality SLA to our esteemed customers.

  • Neha Sharma

    I have practically grown up at Trimax as far as my career is concerned. My Last one year in Trimax was very well spent. I joined here as Assistant Manager HR but decided to switch my profile as per my interest and joined Pre Sales. The best part was that the management helped me in doing the same and made sure that I follow my interests. The kind of exposure I have received has been phenomenal and has helped me mold myself into a well-rounded professional. I have learnt several aspects of running a business here and am the better for it. I can proudly say that I work for an organization that encourages you to be innovative, gives you the freedom to do things the way you want to, and teaches you things that no school can.

  • Debrabata Das

    A place where my hard work is recognized. I Joined Trimax as a team lead to became an industry proficient with IT operations projects with major Banks and Government PSU projects .Strived to work hard and ensured the project was successfully delivered.

    Awarded Best Employee of the year in 2013 made me motivated to achieve more in this organization which made me proud to be in Trimax who honored my talent and hard work.

  • Sandip Pratape

    Hi, my name is Sandip Pratape currently working as a Sr. Project Manager in Transport vertical. I started working for the Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services Limited in Sep-2009 as a Regional Manager On MSRTC Transport project. It was complex projects in nature, and the technology and applications was quite new for me as well as my engineers which made work more interesting and challenging every day.

    My strength is strong follow-up for timely task completion and ability to learn new technology help me lot in my growth journey. Cost saving and operational efficiency was the main goal for me which automatically resulted in client satisfaction. As an Engineer i always take innovative path for facing challenges in terms of either saving cost in ETIM rolls by effective manpower utilization or achieving 100% ETIM utilization by blocking manual waybills with client support.

    Acknowledged my efforts and my will to grow, my management offers me to implement new project of Fuel management at NWKRTC It get successfully implemented within 3 month of Task assign with payment receipt before assigned timeline and I was honored by company & offered to work as a project manager at Mumbai location.

    I always keen to learn new things during project management particularly from Mr. Yogesh Dhakras sir like how to resolve issues amicably in with cool mind. And from Mr. Rahuul Shinde to think twice before speaking.

    I had always learn and implemented good practices between project and had worked on BEST, KDMT, SMT, NMMT,RSRTC,NWKRTC,MSRTC,UPSRTC,DTC,CSTC,JCTSL projects. Every project was challenging and taught me new thing, get a chance to work across a wide range of different exciting projects.

    During handing multiple project responsibility, management again assigned me the task to stabilize RSRTC operations in 2014. after continue efforts and setting a automated process we had achieved target of operational efficiency with cost optimization which converted in to client satisfaction and so client awarded new project to Trimax also simultaneously we got a new project from city transport which put cheery on the cake.

    Trimax not keep me bounded on single project and considering my ability to multitask I was again promoted me as a Sr.Project Manager.

    North & East Transport operations As you can see, there are a lot of options for progression, and this also gives you a ‘taste’ of the various departments within the Company. I think that if you make the effort and work hard, you will definitely get recognized here. The Company also has good systems in place, and provides on-the-job training. Every day is different and Trimax encourage employees to aim for higher roles and constantly develop. One of the main benefits is the friendly atmosphere and nice people.’’