Metro/Monorail Communication System

Metro/Monorail Communication System

The demand to improve efficiency in the rail industry will drive market for advance assets and fleet management tool including passenger information system and announcement system.

Rail automation will increase efficiency without compromising on safety and also will provide customers with real time information and sharing between different related business for better travel and planning. Train operators are starting to use internet protocol architecture for onboard internet access.

Improving travel comfort , ensuring passengers safety and security during their journey, overcoming the increasing traffic, providing real time multimedia information and access to social networks in stations or in motion are some of the key challenges faced by metro operators.To meet those requirements the metro operators need to place proper telecommunication networks.


  • Public Address System

  • Fiber Optic Transmission System

  • Passenger Information Display System

  • Master Clock System

  • Centralized Digital Recording System

  • Radio System

  • Telephone System

  • Close Circuit Television System

  • T-SCADA System

  • Access Control and Intrusion Detection System


  • Safety & Security of the passengers

  • Reduces traffic Congestion

  • Real-time updates of metro

  • Better way of travelling