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Network Services

Trimax offers comprehensive network management solutions with a single point of responsibility. Trimax services enable a secure and highly scalable network with significantly lower risk and complexity of network management. Proactive monitoring of the customer network and guaranteed SLAs address the connectivity, manageability and accountability needs.


Cloud computing brings on demand computing closer to reality. It has the potential to change the way IT hardware and various applications are purchased, designed and used. With its promise of scalability and a pay-as-you-go pricing model, the primary benefit that cloud services extends to the businesses is greater business effectiveness at lower IT …


Trimax IT facility management services ensure high availability and reduced total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure for organizations with large IT facilities. Trimax’s effective combination of people, process and technology ensures that customer’s IT infrastructure runs optimally round-the-clock for maximum productivity.

Colocation & Hosting

In a data-driven business environment, it is important to establish a robust, secure and scalable data center infrastructure to ensure timely availability and security of your mission-critical data. However, setting up and maintaining an in-house data center with adequate power, cooling, security, connectivity and support systems…


Trimax Collaboration service provides useful, customizable, efficiency-driven features that simplify how today’s organizations communicate. Collaboration services enable business agility for organizations, allowing employees to easily exchange information among themselves, as well as with clients…


Trimax has end-to-end capabilities in setting up and managing IT infrastructure for organizations of all sizes across industries.
Our capabilities includes sourcing appropriate IT products, integrating the systems to work together as a unified solution, integrating the network that connects this infrastructure across different locations…