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IaaS – Compute on Demand


Trimax Compute on Demand service provides an all inclusive and fully managed compute infrastructure consisting of a pool of compute hardware, software, maintenance and management. Trimax Compute on Demand services make businesses more and more productive by allowing them to build enterprise grade IT infrastructure that can cope with peak demand, without having large chunks of capacity sitting idle most of the time. It allows customer to subscribe Infrastructure as a service so that end user can consume virtual compute resources with maximum agility and able to shift their traditional Capital Expenditures (CapEx) into Operating Expenditure (OpEx) budgets.

Customer can access their applications and data securely from anywhere and anytime through internet. Trimax Compute on Demand provides prepackaged compute instances which includes virtual compute like processing power, RAM, storage capacity, managed security services like firewall and IPS along with options of operating systems, internet data transfer along with end to end proactive monitoring and management.

Trimax Cloud Setup Technology Stack


  • Access, manage, Monitor and dynamically provision Virtual Infrastructure (Virtual Servers & Networks) in the cloud.
  • Makes it possible to deploy new server instances in minutes, not hours and days.
  • Allows End User to easily provision multiple VLANs to suite their specific N Tier Architecture needs.
  • Cloud Infrastructure is backed up on daily basis. protected through enterprise class security infrastructure.
  • Allowing users to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as computing requirements change.
  • Allowing users to monitor and manage their own server instances:


Pure OpEx Model
Gives access to compute resources on demand, and let you pay only for the instance of compute used. Also reduces data center facilities and equipment costs

No concerns of Capacity Planning and Scalability
Accommodate additional compute requirement as and when required without delay

Accelerated time-to-market
Quick deployment of proven solutions and Faster response to business computing infrastructure demands

Service Availability 99.5 %.

Completely Managed
24/7/365 access, end to end proactive monitoring and management by expert technical staff.

Unhindered Focus
Focus on business-critical activities instead of infrastructure concerns