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Managed Backup


Managed Backup Services allows customers to leverage our fully managed, highly available & scalable service class backup infrastructure on pay per use model instead of investing in capital intensive technologies.


  • Service Provider class storage libraries and Best in class Backup Solution used to provide the services
  • Independent network for out of band backup
  • Standard backup policies are weekly full and daily incremental with retention period of two weeks and may be customized
  • Service Plans available for hot backups of databases and MS Exchange
  • Cataloging and indexing of backup tapes for accurate tape retrieval & Sophisticated Media Management
  • Vaulting Service provides off site retention of specified data for requested time period


  • Flexibility and scalability in meeting future growing demand
  • High speed, high performance & high capacity backup infrastructure
  • Faster Deployment
  • Pay as you use based on volume of data backed up.