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Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)

Organizations with large IT facilities and geographically-dispersed operations often find it challenging and expensive to manage their IT and communications infrastructure in-house. Smaller organizations in turn find it expensive to maintain their own infrastructure, as their scale of IT operations may not provide the economies of scale necessary for cost-effective in-house IT management. Maintaining adequate redundancies to ensure high availability of the computing and communications infrastructure and adequate disaster recovery preparedness further adds to the cost and complexity.

Trimax offers a portfolio of IT Infrastructure Management services that ensure high availability & scalability, assured uptime and reduced cost of ownership of your IT infrastructure. Our offerings include:

End User Support

Managing desktop PCs that are imperative to businesses has its own set of challenges including data security; update and refresh cycles; maintenance & management of local packaged applications like productivity suites and browsers; power, heat and space consumption etc. Also, these desktops are continually modified by end users, impacting their compatibility and performance.

Enterprise Computing Support

Our Enterprise Computing Support offerings allow clients to ensure continual uptime, provide instant access to a team of OEM-certified engineers and deliver timely incident resolution without making huge investments in infrastructure and human resources.
We support all IT related products like servers, storage, software, networking and Other Peripheral products. Our offerings include resolution