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Network Services

Connectivity Solution

Trimax offers end to end solution on Network Management. It addresses major issues like

  • Single Vendor Interaction – for complete Network Management requirements like Network Management Hardware, Software, IT Hardware, Wide Area Network communication links across different locations, Non IT Equipment, Power Equipment, Infrastructure Build & Maintenance.
  • Scalability – By offering flexibility to start with lower overall setup costs and scaling up with business growth.
  • Adaptability – Offering Open standard interfaces & SOA Architecture provides flexibility of integration with existing network solutions,
  • Modularity – Faster time-to-take service to market by setting up of core functionality with periodic enhancements as and when necessary.
  • Continual feature enhancements – Functional & Technical to meet the market dynamics and cost effective deployment – through time-tested implementation, migration, and integration approach

Solution Overview

Delivery of comprehensive network management solutions that will help customers in connecting its various offices with each other with Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre (wherever required), monitor and manage various networking equipment on a 24 X 7 basis, coordinate and interface with various Telecom Service Providers – being single point of contact for service delivery and service assurance and offering committed SLA on the network – including LAN & Wide area network, deployment of IT Hardware, Non IT Hardware at branch locations, end user training, support and maintenance of the entire solution over a period of time.