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Application Development & Maintenance


Application Services include customized software and business applications that enhance customers’ ability to operate their businesses. Our Software Service Group has expertise in most of the latest technologies, including:

  • Microsoft
  • Java
  • Database
  • Mobile Applications (Android, ios, windows)

Our Methodology:

  • Project Initiation and Planning
    • Project management & milestones, joint kick off meeting
    • Governance model, Scope, Roll out plan, Acceptance Criteria
  • Requirement Study & Prototyping
    • Functional & Technical requirement gathering and its analysis
    • Acquire documented S/W requirement
    • Coordination of requirements with work plan
  • Software Design
    • S/W design is carried out on the basis of approved requirements
  • Project Development & Review
    • Development of the software solution is carried out for all functional and non functional requirements
  • Application Maintenance
    • Improve overall performance while reducing costs.

During the Application development & maintenance phase, we drive measurable improvements in product quality, productivity and predictability for our customers.