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Decision Support and Business Analytics

  • Data is collected from various points in the organization like ticketing, vehicle tracking, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, staff deployment, back-office administration etc.
  • Captured data is organized meaningfully and analyzed to find correlations.
  • MIS reports are created to provide decision makers with meaningful insights for their decisions regarding route optimization, staff optimization, economizing maintenance operations, enhancing back-office productivity, etc.
  • Insights are available with the ability to drill down to person, vehicle, route or team level.


  1. Better quality of decision-making enables greater profitability
  2. Better scheduling of vehicles and staff results in better productivity of resources
  3. Significant reduction in fuel and maintenance costs
  4. Reduced pilferage and revenue leakage
  5. Helps track individual parameters across timelines
  6. Automated, online dashboards are available for quick access to relevant information