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Mobility & Payment Solution



Bill calculation, display, collection & receipt print on-the-spot for:
Utility Billing (Piped Water, Electricity, Piped cooking gas), Water Tankers, Petrol / Diesel Tankers, Paid Parking Zones, Cell Phone Recharge, Traffic Fines, Fleet Taxis, etc.
GPS mapping & tracking – Utility Meters, Collection Agents, Mobile Assets
Remote Data Capture – consumption and physical movement of tagged asset
Remote Data Access On Mobile Devices – Smart Phones, Tablets & Laptop Computers
Analytics for better planning & management – Consumption trends & forecast, leakage detection, pilferage detection, consumption pattern dynamics
Integrated self-service facility for customers – kiosk, mobile device, web portal & offline office branch visit
Financial Inclusion services in remote area banking – spot cash collection & receipt / statement print
Collaborative workforce applications for enterprises on mobile platform
Mobile Applications Programming – All platforms
Wireless / Bluetooth technology
Data Management – Capture, secure communication, storage / warehousing, analytics, reporting