Temple Management System

Good management is the backbone of an efficient enterprise and a Temple need be no exception. TTMSTM can provide all the necessary hardware and software required for a good and efficient management of the Temple. Timely MIS reports and real time monitoring makes systems effective and efficient. A fully hosted browser based solution relieves the Temple management of routines like data storage and backup as well as updating of the software, adding new features and functionalities.
  • Web based On-Line or Counter based Pooja Booking software with payment gateway integration. Date and time slot selection, repeat frequency, Booking on special days is possible. The back office shows activity in real time and generates variety of end of the day reports that even help plan procurement, duty allocation and manpower management.
  • Prepaid cards for Cashless environment do away with the hassles of handling cash, soiled, counterfeit and torn notes as well as change. Cash handling can be centralized for ease of management.
  • Point-Of-Sale terminals and hand held devices allow quick, efficient and effort free turnaround. Simply connecting the hand held device to a terminal captures the data and generates a variety of reposts.
  • Access control, time management and employee management hardware and software allows efficient and effective manpower management. Transparent, system driven HR management facilitates discipline.
  • Devotee Relationship Management (CRM) allows Temples to be sensitive towards regular visitors, donors and important persons. Visits can be planned and personalized.
  • Enterprise network hardware, software and networking is now a necessity for resource sharing and protection of data.
  • Internet access solutions depending on the needs of the Temple management that are cost effective and give good uptime commitment. Suitable ISP is recommended depending on the location and availability.
  • Corporate like presentations allow Temples showcase its activities to the devotees, donors and important persons.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality Management Practices reinforces the confidence of the public at large and devotees and donors in particular in the Management of the Temple.
  • Customized software development on any platform, Windows, Linux or Mobile can be done