Centralized Travel Reservation System (CRS)


Centralized Travel Reservation System (CRS)

Centralized Reservation System (CRS) or Online Reservation System (ORS) is a solution that is used by Long Distance Transport Operators or Inter City Transport Operators who offer reservation option in its buses. Using the ORS solution, commuters can book their tickets days in advance and board the bus on the day of travel without the need of carrying physical / paper ticket. The solution also enables sharing of APIs with other travel booking websites which increases the ticket sales.

Following are the key features of the CRS or ORS solution

  • Common Inventory Based solution

    The entire solution works on a centralized inventory of seats which can be booked from various sources or locations

  • Counter Ticketing

    The solution enables buying the tickets from Ticketing Counters by paying cash or by card

  • Online Ticketing

    The commuters can book tickets online through the operator’s ticketing website

  • Mobile ticketing

    Trimax offers mobile app and mobile compatible website solutions to carry out ticketing

  • SMS Check-in

    Travellers do not need to carry a print out of the ticket, they can show the SMS recieved on their phone and board the bus

  • Multiple Payment Modes

    The solution accepts payments through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, cash cards, mobile wallets or even cash

  • Multiple Booking Options

    By sharing of the APIs the same ticket inventory can be sold by Online Travel Agents like www.bookonspot.com or redbus etc

  • Mid Journey Reservation

    Our completely versatile solution enables booking tickets even when the bus has left from its source either online or offline by boarding the bus directly

  • Customer Service Desk

    Trimax also offers a customer service desk solution and service to manage failed transactions and smooth reconcilliations.

  • Robust Reporting

    The solution offers some of the best reporting capabilities with ability to carry out error free reconcilliations.