Mobility and Payment solutions


Mobility and Payment solutions

Our common mobility solution enables use of same payments platform across various travel channels. For example a smart card which is issued by a bus operator can be used by the passenger in a metro or a mono rail as well. Payments can be enabled in multiple form factors like cards, rfid tokens, qr code, NFC etc. The solution supports multiple issuers and multiple acquirers in multiple types of stored values.
  • Reduce Costs & Improve cash flow
  • Bills, Statements & Receipts on the sopt
  • Cashless Transaction through Smart card Solution
  • Avoid large Upfront Capital investments with pay-on-use Model
  • Information on the move for Better Quality of Decisions
  • Avoid Revenue Leakage with lnformation & Location Tracking


Transportation & Logistics

Road Toll
Bus/Mini Bus

Utility Payments

Electricity Bill
Water Bill

Spot Billing

Pipe Gas
Retail Shops

Other Applications

Places of Worship
Financial inclusion


  • Bill calculation, display, collection & receipt print on-the-spot for: Utility Billing (Piped Water, Electricity, Piped cooking gas), Water Tankers, Petrol / Diesel Tankers, Paid Parking Zones, Cell Phone Recharge, Traffic Fines, Fleet Taxis, etc.
  • GPS mapping & tracking – Utility Meters, Collection Agents, Mobile Assets
  • Remote Data Capture – consumption and physical movement of tagged asset
  • Remote Data Access On Mobile Devices – Smart Phones, Tablets & Laptop Computers
  • Analytics for better planning & management – Consumption trends & forecast, leakage detection, pilferage detection, consumption pattern dynamics
  • Integrated self-service facility for customers – kiosk, mobile device, web portal & offline office branch visit
  • Financial Inclusion services in remote area banking – spot cash collection & receipt / statement print
  • Collaborative workforce applications for enterprises on mobile platform
  • Mobile Applications Programming – All platforms
  • Wireless / Bluetooth technology
  • Data Management – Capture, secure communication, storage / warehousing, analytics, reporting

One City One Card Solution

One city one card solutions is available for fare collection based on automatic location tracking and can be recharged with any denomination based
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Multimodal transport solution

.Multimodal card solutions  can be used with more than one mode of transport,its convenient access to transportation and can be Inter-operability.
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Multi utility card solution

Multi utility card solutions has  convenient access to transportation with smart, paperless transactions with multiporpose usage Read More
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