Transport ERP

Trimax’s Transport ERP solution is a comprehensive back office management solution for any transport operator. Following are the key modules under Transport ERP

Depot Management System

Depot Management System

The module helps in managing and running the entire commercial operations of the bus transport operator. The system has following capabilities

  • Vehicle Dispatch system

  • Scheduling system

  • Ticket and Ticketing machine Inventory management

  • Waybill management

Ticketing Reconciliation System

Depot are generally considered as the last level of profit centers for most of the transport operators. The system allows a realtime reporting of tickets sold in the buses through AFCS / ETIM system. Once the conductor reaches the depot back after completing the trip, the reconciliation is automatically carried out before handing over the duty from the conductor.

Crew Management System


The solution covers management of bus transport crew. It offers a wide range of features which are listed below

  • Attendance Management

  • Crew allocation

  • Crew scheduling

  • Roaster management

  • Human resource management

Asset and Inventory Management System


Timax provides a robust Asset and Inventory Management Solution for Transport Operators. The solution enables tracking of assets like buses, spare parts and consumables etc. Some of the key features of the solution are

  • Asset Master Creation

  • Inventory master creation

  • Measure asset performance

  • Manage complete history of each asset and inventory

  • Stores management

  • Fuel Management

Maintenance Management System

Maintenance Management System

Maintenance Management system helps in carrying out maintenance of vehicles on a scheduled and unscheduled manner. The solution has following features

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Breakdown Maintenance

  • Tyre Management

  • Spares management