Managed Video Conferencing


Managed Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is an effective means of driving active, real-time collaboration between geographically dispersed teams, while saving significant time and cost. However, setting up traditional video conferencing facilities requires significant upfront capital investment and additional infrastructure costs for each new location added. Trimax offers enterprise class High Definition (HD) managed video conferencing solutions, powered by Polycom . Hosted on a robust, secure & scalable cloud infrastructure,the device and network agnostic hosted bridging solution allows people across multiple locations to conduct video conferencing sessions seamlessly. It supports multiple devices like smart phones, tablets, laptop computers and board room conferencing systems. Trimax also specializes in integrating various video and voice platforms to create tele-presence solutions, e-education solutions and web-based video solutions. Trimax Managed Video Conferencing service is backed with dedicated after-sales support and experts providing on-call premier support round the clock.


Trimax managed video conferencing solution can be leveraged to deliver business value in many ways. Here are a few examples of how some of our customers have benefited from our managed video conferencing solutions:

  • wifi-bus-icon10 Faster product roll-outs and shorter time-to-market for new product launches
  • wifi-bus-icon11 Easy connectivity with your field force for support, reporting and brainstorming
  • mvc-icon03 Convenient medium for conducting interviews and trainings across locations
  • mvc-icon04 Quick and easy access to necessary information and expert guidance
  • mvc-icon05 Enables faster KYC (Know Your Customer) process and many more.


  • Works on Smartphones, Tablets and Laptop/Desktop computers

  • Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime on a real-time basis

  • Share applications, presentations and documents easily

  • Maximize productivity by reducing travel time & cost

  • Faster roll-out than traditional video conferencing facilities

  • New locations can be added very quickly

  • Easy to use with a friendly and intuitive interface

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • No upfront capital investment required – “Pay as you go”

  • Availability of corporate “Instant Messaging”

  • Integrates easily with your existing video conferencing installations, thus protecting your existing investments