Radio frequency Solution


Radio frequency Solution

The growth in GDP has led to the establishment of multiple industries on the periphery of cities. These areas typically lack city telecommunication network on copper and optical fiber and thus these regions are deprived of high speed leased line connectivity to run the operations of these industries. These industries seek Connectivity Solutions with very good service. Out of the various options available in terms of EVDO, ISDN, RF Links, etc. last mile connectivity on RF is the most suitable solution for large bandwidth.

Point to Point RF connectivity

For good connectivity, PTP Radio can be installed to work on free band of 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz. The 5 Ghz PTP links are widely used.

PTP Solution

Trimax provides complete end to end PTP solution for the end customer including supply and management of PTP links. We provide a pair of Radio along with external Antenna where one Radio is installed on Service Provider’s Exchange/POP and another Radio (s) shall be installed on customer premises. Trimax also provides the required polesand connectivity.


Our PTP RF link to cover the distance up to 10 kms at the speed of upto 10 Mbps through-out. We can also offer RF link with higher distance and bandwidth.


  • RF-icon01Availability 95% SLA based infrastructure availability
  • RF-icon02 Scalability Point to Point (PTP) link can be reconfigured to Point to Multi-Point (PTMP) with additional CPE Radios
  • RF-icon03 Flexibility Higher bandwidth and higher distance feasibility based on terrain.
  • RF-icon04 Cost Saving No underground cable installation required. No Right of Way Required.

Benefits of the Solution on RF Links (Point to Point /MultiPoint)

  • The un-feasible links get quickly rolled – out

  • Faster Implementation cycle times

  • Improved Scalability

  • There is reduced Cost of Service because of Volume Discount

  • There is higher adherence to SLA commitment by BSNL

  • The RF Point to Point /Multi-Point technology is used to cover more than one customer location

  • The enhanced availability of BSNL Connectivity to the Customers leads to higher Customer Satisfaction

  • There is reduced administrative burden for BSNL by avoiding necessity of vendor management, addressing the technical issues surrounding the Last Mile Connectivity on a standalone basis by each Circle and SSA