With Digital India, an initiative taken by Government of India (GOI) that aims at ensuring electronic and digital services is made available for every citizen of rural and modern India. Trimax is privileged to deliver these e-services with its expertise to rural places with wi-fi services as link to empower information to rural villages in the nook and corner with last mile reach . The vision of Digitally Progressive India, a reality which will change the perspective of every other nation by making information of all the facilities by government and also updated information across globe wiring them through our wi-fi services and also .

Trimax offers the most cost-effective advance wi-fi solutions allowing villagers and rural netizens to be a part of the network using tabs / laptops / desktops / smartphones


  • RF-icon01E-GOVERNANCE E-governance service makes governing process transparent
  • RF-icon02 BANKING SERVICES Fund transfer, account balance, order cheques and other transaction securely and instantly
  • RF-icon03 BILL PAYMENT Hassle free bill pay payment of energy bill, gas connection, mobile bill payments etc
  • RF-icon04 G2C SERVICES Government and customer interactions become fast and transparent
  • RF-icon03 TELE-MEDICINES Medical services often not available in distant rural communities
  • RF-icon04 HEALTHCARE The transfer of health resources and health care by electronic means
  • RF-icon03 DISTANCE AND E-LEARNING Get higher education online without any geographical barriers
  • RF-icon04 DTH AND MOBILE RECHARGE Instant recharge of DTH and mobile is possible with e-payments
  • RF-icon03 STORE WITH E-SERVICES You can shop online and pay securely on the internet
  • RF-icon04 SURFING All information available at one single


Tele-educationis a revolution in the education sector that uses technology to deliver to an audience that is another loacation thus helping to connect the remotest area. Trimax partners with graduates who want to volunteer for Tele-education. The teacher and the students, using the application on their mobile devices, can participate in tele education.The teachers shall be trained for using the application to teach the students and the lectures can be imparted using wi-fi, on the mobile devices of the teacher and the students. At the end of the module, the students shall take online tests and get a certificate for the same.


  • Tele Education uses telecommunications and information technology to provide education from a distance.

  • Tele Education is imparted through a wide range of interactive educational delivery modes like one-way TV broadcast, video conferencing, computer conferencing, web-based instructions, etc.

  • Tele Education helps dissemination of information to a larger number of people by overcoming physical and geographical barriers at low cost.

  • A system can also be developed to give offline access of lectures to students


  • Tele Education overcomes geographical barriers for education and helps to take it to every nook and corner of the country

  • Tele Education facilitates connectivity to schools, colleges and higher levels of education

  • Tele Education can also support non-formal education

  • It can also create opportunities in remote areas and empower the community at large



Tele Medicine uses telecommunications and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance. Using Tele Medicine, it is possible to get any treatment given in the outpatient department of a hospital, by sitting at home in front of a technologically enabled device like a tablet, a PC or a mobile phone.

Tele medicine can work on private-public partnership. These partnerships can offer incentives to doctors to offer services in rural areas for a small number of days of a year. PPPs can take skilled doctors of reputed hospitals to offer services in rural health centers and recommend patient transfer if needed. PPPs can play a crucial role in bridging the gap between rural patients and healthcare providers.


  • Tele medicine overcomes geographical barriers for health care services

  • Tele Medicine makes it possible to for health care services to reach the remote areas of the country which lack basic medical facilities.

  • Communicable diseases are among the leading afflictions affecting rural populations and basic consultation and hygiene advice can go a long way in treatment and reducing their incidence.

  • It will help rural population get specialized medical help who otherwise depend on less qualified healthcare providers

  • Training rural manpower for Tele Medicine also empowers the community at large.