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Delivery of complex projects


With breadth of experience in managing some of the most
complex projects in India, Trimax can help address complexity and scalability challenges of your IT infrastructure.

We have managed number of government projects with a challenging requirement and in a very tight schedule.
The Sizes of Government projects while considering its initiatives to invest in upgrading or empowering IT infrastructure of its organizations.Such large and complex projects are organized in work packages to map, maintain and control progress;and hence each work project packages becomes considerable large project in itself.

One of Rajasthans government power distributions provider was provided Data Center solutions with Trimax’s technology Expertise.

Apart from this one of the largest Life Insurance providers required 31 Data centers in different locations in North and North-Centrel Zone of India within a short span of time.

Trimax Successfully helped them achieve this within the schedule time , at a reduced total cost of ownership.
We do have many success stories to share with you visit our page to know more.